In-house service for online application for admissions to universities and universities of technology that has an online application system, NSFAS and government e-service

Hello everyone. This is Silindile Mbali Tshabalala. I would like to take this opportunity and thank SBUDAMOR ONLINE for helping me with all my applications. This business is an eye opener. I wouldn’t have been able to apply or even get where I am if it wasn’t for the great service I got. It is out of kindness they have done this for me and all the other students who where in need of help. I managed to pull through to University of Johannesburg all because of the application they have made for me.

To any matriculant, it is of best advice for you to consider applying as early as you can because you are creating a lot of chances to be accepted for your particular course. You should also consider SBUDAMOR ONLINE services because you might not be able to apply for yourself. 

Make your education count. Your matric days are numbered. You have to make the most of each day and outplan your important days.

Time is NOT enough and it will never be if you are in grade 12. We are doing all that we can to make our service to be affordable, this year we are going to save not only your time but we will cut transport cost for you as we will be coming to the school rather than each learner coming to our office. So there is this form which can be filled in anything between 5 – 10 minutes for us to collect the data with necessary attachments then we do the rest. A learner’s cell number will be used in any case we need any clarity… Well we are available @ anytime should you need us to render our service to your school.

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